Should I Buy or Lease to Own?

The answer to the question above depends on your goals and financial situation. Here are some of the Pros and Cons of each storage shed option.

Rancher Barn storage shed
Rancher 1 storage shed
Cottage Barn storage shed

Buy A Storage shed


  • You own it immediately. 
  • You save money IF you have the cash on hand. 
  • It’s in your backyard, not in town!
  • Custom built to your desires!


  • You’ll be “out” of the purchase price upfront.
  • You no longer need to rent a storage unit.

Lease to Own A Storage Shed


  • No Credit Check 
  • Low Upfront Investment 
  • You own it within 3 years. (Yes 36 Months) 
  • You can pay it off early! At any time.


  • You pay a little more in the long run. 
  • If you default, we come to pick up the structure. 
  • That’s all we can think of…

No Credit Required With an upfront payment of one month’s Lease and a $200 deposit, you will have your building delivered to your back yard. The $200 deposit will be applied as the payoff if your contract is successfully completed. In case of default, it will be applied as a pickup charge. Conveniently placed in your backyard instead of renting a storage unit uptown. Can very easily be added to your homeowner’s insurance. It’s yours in only 3 years, the equal of 36 months. Lease it for only 3 years and own it for a lifetime. Have your own personalized, custom ordered storage building. You pick the size, where the doors are located if you want windows and many other options! 60% of each month’s Lease payment is automatically applied to the cash price; whereas, in a typical storage unit, 0% of your monthly rent applies to the cash price. (which means you will never own it.) You can pay it off early with no early payoff penalties. If you pay it off early, you get a 40% discount off of the current contract balance. (total contract amount equals the monthly payment x 36 months fewer payments received) If you have a financial crisis and cannot make the monthly payments, all you need to do is pay the lease to the day that the building is picked up by us, and your initial payment covers the pickup.

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