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5 Considerations When Buying A Storage Shed

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 We’ve all been there, you’re walking through your house and you turn to enter a room and you can’t. Why not? Well, because there is so much stuff in there that all you can do is stand there looking, and dreaming of what the room could be. Maybe a book-filled study, an efficient office, or even a cozy coffee nook. But you don’t want to rent a storage locker halfway across town. Mainly because you can’t easily get to things that you thought you weren’t going to need but now you do. On top of the fact that you will never own the storage locker that holds your stuff. Thankfully, we have the solution for that.

It is also possible that you are in a totally different situation. One day, a very similar event to what you just read, transpires. You’re walking from your house to your garage with the intent to mow the grass. You open the garage door and… you’re basically lucky to see the mower let alone get to it. I know, that’s a very dramatic example and if it gets that bad in your garage then I’m too late. Still, you know what I’m getting at, you just don’t have the space for your lawnmower, snowblower, weed wacker, and everything else you need to keep your lawn crisp. Thankfully, we have a solution for that too.

Our storage sheds have been designed with your needs in mind. You pick the style and design what you want, and we will get it to you as soon as possible. And the big perk is that you own the storage space on your property. Even if you decide to lease the shed, with us, you will own it in 3 years (yes, 36 months). We hope we have been a help to you and your storage plans.

1. The Price vs. Quality Ratio

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One of the highest priorities in the ‘buy-sell” world is to know the true value of what you are buying. Another top priority is to KNOW what you NEED so that you don’t get talked into an elaborate “mansion shed” because of a slick salesman. Before you have looked at any specific sheds, you should have already researched enough to know the type, size, and cost necessary for your desired structure. Be sure to ask; what materials are the shed made of, has it had any repairs done or not done, and is there any complaints about the shed (because it could have been leased out before you looked at it). Remember, know the true value of what you are buying!

2. Design Considerations

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You can actually express your personality through a storage shed. Yes, I did just say that. Because nothing screams style like a red shed, right? Well it’s true, but don’t get too carried away, try not to make your shed look out of place. One seemingly out of place building can make your whole yard look awkward. Remember, be you!

3. Foundation And Flooring

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Today, storage sheds are mostly made of wood, metal, and plastic. Wooden sheds are normally sold with their own flooring, while some metal and plastic floors are sold separately or without floors. This being said, all features depend on the business you are buying from as well as the builder of the shed. 

While some sheds come with floors, every shed needs a proper foundation. Now, what is a good foundation, well the answer is up to your opinion. But whether it’s made of cinder blocks, compact gravel, or a concrete slab, just make sure it is a high-quality foundation that keeps the shed on solid ground and above any potential for water damage.

4. Easy Access

Portable Garage

As you can see, this picture is not a great positive example but it serves as a representation of what not to do. It’s just sitting in the middle of nowhere without any kind of path or ramp to the garage door, severely limiting its’ functionality. You should always place your storage shed in a spot that is easily accessible for whatever you need it for. Whether you need it for your largest lawnmower or snowblower, or simple garden tools, or even overflow stuff from your house. Just make sure you can access it easily in any situation.

5. Zoning Laws

Metal Cottage Mini Barn

I know, this is a boring thing that nobody thinks of but it must be done. Be sure it is legal to put another building on your property. Depending on where you live it doesn’t matter if you add another building to your land or not, like in the country, but in more populated areas you may need to get a zoning permit. So just take some time to make sure it is legal to add another structure to your land, that you own, and the government doesn’t. Oh well…


Metal Cottage Mini BarnCottage Barns

Ultimately, there are many things to consider when buying a storage shed. And we just wanted to ensure that you were thinking about everything before jumping into the purchase. We just want you to make the right decision for your time, money, and land. One last thing, there are many more things to consider than just those above, but we tried to list the most important ones. Remember to use your head, it’s there for a reason.

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